“BeeBQ” Honey Mustard Yellow Barbecue Sauce.


If you are a lover of good food and looking for a really special barbecue sauce, you are in the right place! Our Honey and Mustard Barbecue Sauce is an explosion of authentic flavors, with the highest quality Italian honey as the main ingredient.

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Honey, carefully harvested by local bees, gives our sauce a sweet, enveloping flavor with a touch of authenticity that only domestic products can offer.

Harmony between the sweetness of Honey and the strong sweetness of Mustard. The perfect combination of the sweetness of honey and the light hint of mustard makes our barbecue sauce a unique culinary experience. These two flavors come together in a delicious combination suitable for all kinds of dishes: grilled meat, chicken, burgers, ribs, vegetables, and more. With our honey-mustard barbecue sauce, every bite will be a surprise for the palate.

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Weight 200 g