Apicoltura Galli, founded and directed by Enrico and Luca Galli, is located in the historic center of Corciano, 15 km from Perugia, the provincial capital.

The Galli family, has been involved in beekeeping since 1965, first as a hobby and then over time consolidating as a real business.

A constant passion for honey production and an ever-increasing focus on the product has transformed the business over the years into an established Umbrian business.

The interest in nature and the world “of the beehive” has made the production, highly appreciated in the Italian territory.

“The secret of our production lies in caring for the life of the hive; we are convinced that this is the fundamental path to obtaining the highest quality honey.”

Enrico Galli
Responsabile Ciclo Produttivo Miele

While holding firmly to our traditions, the business is constantly evolving, using innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment within the laboratory, with the utmost respect for health and hygiene regulations, in order to offer the consumer an ever-improving and sought-after product.

In addition to the laboratory located in Corciano, the company carefully and personally selects the locations where to place the beehives for honey production, seasonally changing the locations to better achieve the goal of producing quality honey that is as diverse as possible.

Enrico Galli

Responsible for the production cycle of Honey
Location selection manager for production
Hive products expert
Expert in Apiculture Techniques

Luca Galli

Corporate Manager
Sales manager (sales and marketing)
Registered honey sensory analysis expert