BeeBox Wellness Big – Gift Box


BeeBox Wellness Big gift box: 1 250g honey pack, 1 Honey Lip Stick, 1 Honey Nourishing Hand Cream, and 1 Honey Body Cream.

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Christmas is the perfect time to show your affection and gratitude toward loved ones. Why not do it with an extraordinary and unique gift box that conveys love, care and well-being? The Big Wellness BeeBox Gift Box is the perfect answer. This exceptional gift set is designed to pamper those you love with honey products that bring sweetness and comfort. Find out what makes this package so special

What will you find in our gift box?

250g honey. Honey is a gift from nature and brings with it the benefits of sweetness and goodness. This pack includes a delicious 250g package of carefully harvested honey with the authentic flavor of 100% Italian honey.

Honey Lip Stick. This product is ideal for protecting lips from the effects of winter cold and keeping them soft and moisturized. It is the touch of sweetness that every smile deserves.

Honey Nourishing Hand Cream. Hands are often neglected, but they deserve the same attention and care as the rest of the body. The nourishing honey hand cream in this package is designed to moisturize and nourish the skin of the hands, leaving it soft and velvety. It is a small luxury that anyone will appreciate.

Honey Body Cream. Finally, the BeeBox Wellness Big gift box includes a honey body cream. This luxurious moisturizer will nourish the skin, imparting a delicate fragrance and a feeling of well-being. It is the perfect gift for people who love to take care of their skin.

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