Staila mead


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Smooth/steady version

Born solely from the union of honey, water and yeast, in our OroDaBere smooth version we went to select a very delicate spring honey with the ambition to disrupt the paradigm that mead is an exclusively sweet drink. In our process, all the sugars in honey are fermented so as to make a dry, firm beverage.

Fermentation and maturation takes place in steel.

Light golden in color and with surprising clarity and brilliance, it is bottled unfiltered and pasteurized.

Taste: delicate but persistent, with notes of honey, white-fleshed fruit and white flowers.

We recommend serving cold(5-8°C) and oxygenating it a few minutes before serving.

The product is suitable for an aperitif and also paired with meat, cheese and desserts.

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Weight 500 g